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About this item Hollywood Makeup Center is a complete kit with everything you need for almost any look Makeup includes an 8 color palette, 5 highlight color sticks, and 4 packets of cream makeup Extras include 1 tube of fake blood and 3 blood capsules, plus scar wax, fake skin, black tooth wax, 1 packet hair color, and 3 glitter gels Includes 2 sponges, 2 mini applicators, and 1 brush for easy application Makeup washes off with water

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10 reviews for Hollywood Makeup Center, Standard Packaging Beauty & Personal Care

  1. frequent buyer

    Niece loved playing with this she likes to do special effects.

  2. Brittney

    Love this kit! I got everything that I needed for Halloween , at a very reasonable price. Definitely had enough left over for next year and would definitely recommend. It came with so much more than I even realized!!

  3. Jheanel D.

    Where are the instructions??!!I was not sure what to use or how to use it. But I made it work. It arrived quick and it did wat I wanted.

  4. Tiffany C.

    This makeup came in the mail quickly and I couldn’t be happier with it. We are going to be using it for my 9 year old daughter who wants to be a zombie for Halloween and this has everything we could dream of to make her one scary but yet pretty zombie.It doesn’t look like a lot of makeup in the picture but once you get it you will realize that it is more than enough to do what you need to!

  5. Peggy Johnson

    This was the most fun make up kit for Halloween! What I especially like is that I could buy JUST ENOUGH make up to use for me and my friends for Halloween and not have so much left over to wonder what to do with! We were able to create EVERYTHING from scars to vampires and bloody necks. The make up stayed on and worked very well.Would buy this again.

  6. Cassie

    Amazon had this kit for an awesome deal for Halloween! It is a great family sized, any kind of costume (from butterfly to monster to clown) make up kit. I like that it is made in the US too. My 5 year old son was a ghost for Halloween and this make up gave excellent coverage and was easy to apply. At the end of the evening the make up came right off with ease. I remember when I was younger the costume make up being more difficult to apply and then near impossible to get off at the end of the night…so this was indeed a nice surprise especially for the value! The make up is super gentle on the skin, and did not cause any irritation or breaking out, etc. Highly recommend!!

  7. Lisa

    I bought this and liquid latex to try out some gore SFX from scratch for Halloween. I’d never tried it before but I also didn’t want to invest too much.The pictures I’ve attached are the effects I created. The skin tearing look is toilet paper and liquid latex, but it’s the makeup that makes it impressive. The makeup is creamy and blends well; I used the provided sponges and everything was great. Even without liquid latex, you can create realistic bruises and burns with this kit. The blood was a nice touch but it didn’t last too long.

  8. Jevan M. Cole

    This is a great kit. Good pallet of color selection, the creme makeups are perfect are large areas, the tube of fake blood is an awesome rich color and isn’t real runny, and my favorite part is the ‘creepy skin’: it’s a really weird gooy/fibrous substance that is malleable like super soft clay, and it’s a pretty good flesh tone. I used the creepy skin to help blend the edges of a fake wound that I bought and it worked beautifully. I was able to use this kit for me and my girlfriend’s costumes, and there’s plenty of materials to use again next year.. including the blood capsules!

  9. Azure – Mom of 2 in MNAzure – Mom of 2 in MN

    Great price for everything I needed to make my zombie makeup- and then some!!!!I have plenty left over for at least 2 more applications of makeup and about half the blood vial left. The scar making stuff was really gross in a good way!!!! It held up pretty well for being out in 90+ degree heat and humidity for much of the night!Rolled on smoothly – hair cream was great also! Would buy again for sure and especially at this price!!!

  10. C. Newton

    I used the vampire blood, crayons, paints, glitter so far and everything works as it should. It lasted all night (4 hours on both me and my 4 year old daughter)…. only down side is the vampire blood I got was not as pictured it had a screw top and had a wide big hole so it was harder to make the vampire drips on the side of my mouths unlike if i would have gotten the one as pictured that had a pointed top it would have been easier but I still got it to work and next time Im using the blood capsules and cutting the tip and see if that works easier. worth the money.

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