Mekabre Loa Voodoo Doll – Complete Kit Toys & Games

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100% Cotton Muslin Made in USA and Imported Hand stitched & embroidered. Made from 100% Cotton Muslin Cardboard Coffin Box printed with REAL Voodoo Vevé Symbols Set of 6 masterfully printed Spell Cards (Cleansing, Dreaming, Healing, Love, Protection and Success) Voodoo Doll is 7 inches tall – easily fits in your hand Tap into the Ancient Art of Voodoo!

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10 reviews for Mekabre Loa Voodoo Doll – Complete Kit Toys & Games

  1. Jamar

    I was pretty happy with the doll and the voodoo cards inside

  2. Moonglow

    Okay…so I had this voodoo doll in my basket for months; in fact, well over a year. Because while it looked great, I kept on coming back to the same question: “$26???? Really??? Humm…..maybe it will go on sale!” And so in the cart it sat. Month after month after month. Never going on sale…and staring me in the face constantly.Well, finally I pulled the trigger on this about a month ago…and now I am of the opinion that this doll is worth every bit of $26. And here’s why:1. The doll is well made and sturdy. It also looks like what you’d expect in a voodoo doll. It looks exactly like the pictures.2. The doll comes in a very sturdy box. The box is so sturdy that it almost feels like wood. I think it is cardboard…but it is VERY high quality cardboard. This box will hold up well over time and will keep your voodoo doll in top shape.3. The pins. Plenty of pins.4. The cards. In the past I had not read enough of the description to know about the cards. There are actually some ‘instruction’ cards that come with this doll that tell you how to use the doll to achieve various ends. All of them are positive ‘good witch’ sorts of ends – prosperity, love, etc. You won’t find a card about how to give your boss severe back pain or how to make that tattletale co-worker stop being such a whiner. You know the one I’m talking about. The one that needs to grow the heckin’ up! THAT one! Yeah! Her! Anyway…the cards don’t explicitly tell you about how to deal with her. You also won’t learn the secret of how to visit mountains of negative mojo on your ex either. However: the cards will help you learn how to use the doll for good…and probably with a little creativity, you can figure out how to use it for not-so-good, should that be your (ahem) desire.Bottom line: if you, like me, have had this thing in your basket for months wondering if it is worth the money, I say buy it! I’m a bit annoyed with myself that I didn’t buy it earlier. Coulda nipped that whiny co-worker in the bud months ago and saved myself a lot of grief.

  3. Jennifer Pollitt

    This doll is adorable. Makes a great gift but you will probably want to keep it for yourself! Well made, though the box is not too sturdy. I like the cards that come with it. Pins are included too…everything you need!

  4. Ray M.

    Perfect Doll. I researched dolls for awhile before finally deciding on this one. Excellent quality. Perfect size (Not too big or small) and includes pins and spell cards included.I also had an opportunity to correspond with the creators of this doll. Very nice, kind gentlemen that take a lot of pride in what they created.

  5. Jillian Short

    It’s the perfect size, shape and build! I bought as a gift for my fiancé to show him the amount of trust I place in him. It’s a great visual for someone who needs it to show how energy works and for focus.

  6. Heather S

    This was bought as a gift for my best friend. It was actually slightly bigger than I had expected and it includes so much, like a mini spell book on how to use the doll. Super helpful, and very cute!

  7. jeanne

    Maybe it works.Maybe?My neighbor started being really really nice after the episode with his heart..

  8. Eimy AllynsonEimy Allynson

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     Really really pretty, I was doubting because of the price, but it’s actually worthy, very cute, my husband normally doesn’t approve anything but he liked this voodoo doll. Read some reviews complaining about the box, it’s actually a good quality one by the way.

  9. Kitty

    I will admit it was a little smaller than I thought it would be. For the price I thought it should be a little bit bigger with that being said. It’s definitely not cheap it’s well-made adorable crate Box really enjoyed this purchase

  10. Too Pretty For You Princess Baby

    This is the voodoo doll for you if you want to get someone good without touching them.

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