The Abandoned House

The old abandoned house on the edge of town had always been a source of intrigue for the local children. Many had dared each other to sneak into the decrepit building, but none had ever returned.

One night, a group of friends decided to investigate the rumors for themselves. They made their way to the house, and as they approached, they could feel the chill of fear creeping up their spines.

Once inside, they were met with darkness and the eerie feeling of being watched. They fumbled for their flashlights, but the batteries had been drained. Suddenly, a loud noise echoed through the house, and the friends froze in terror.

They could hear something moving in the shadows, getting closer and closer. The friends clutched each other in fear, not daring to move. Just as they thought the worst was about to happen, the lights flickered on, revealing a group of their classmates standing in the doorway, laughing at their terrified expressions.

But the joke was on them because as they left the house, they realized that the door had been locked from the outside, trapping them inside with something sinister lurking in the darkness. They never spoke of that night again, but they all knew that they had narrowly escaped something truly terrifying.

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