My little six months old had developed a strange liking for a particular sort of youtube video. He would go on crying for hours and hours but whenever I handed him over to his daddy, he would go quiet within seconds. My husband usually boasted about how amazingly he managed our son while I was so bad at parenting. On the one hand, I took it as a relief from the constant crying of my son but on the other hand, I also wanted to learn the trick from my husband. Although my husband did not tell me the trick, one day I found out. My baby was really enjoying a show on youtube. I sat with him and somehow hot immersed myself in that show. After a little while my husband got out of the washroom and as soon as he took away his cellphone from the baby, to answer a call. The baby started crying violently. I did all I could to make him laugh, feed him, cuddle him, to make him sleep but nothing would satisfy him and stop his crying. Only then did my husband tell me his secret of keeping the baby quiet. It was the strange show of square-shaped monkey cartoons that would do nothing but laugh throughout the whole episode. This was the only thing that our son would be soothed with.

With time, it became our son’s strange addiction. He would watch it day and night and whenever we took our cell phones away, he would start crying his heart out. One day as I was feeding my baby next to the screen with this monkey show, I saw an ad pop up from the side of the screen. Within no time my baby fell asleep and I clicked the ad. It got my attention because it was a site selling the square cartoon monkey. Although I hated the stupid laughter of the monkey it would be something that would keep my baby busy, so I ordered it. Especially in those days, because my husband was gone on a business trip for a few days.

In the middle of the night, I heard a knocking. As I went to open the door, a strange man was standing at the door, with a black mask on his face. I felt terrible and quickly closed the door, but he put a certain pack in between the door which stopped it from shutting, and said, ‘Your package mam! From the square monkeys’. I got the package and paid him with shivering hands as I was really strange because I just ordered it a few hours ago. I kept it in our bedroom and lay with my son, who was sound asleep. After an hour or so a heavy storm came. With thunder, the electricity went and my baby started crying. Nothing would soothe him, and I could not even play the square monkeys for him. Then I remembered that I had already received the square monkey in physical form. So I unpacked the bag and saw the switch-on button on the monkey. Luckily it started laughing as it does in the youtube videos and for a while, my baby was really happy around it.

I left my son with it and went to find a torch in the kitchen. Suddenly I heard a shrill sound of my baby and I ran in the dark towards my bedroom. On the way, I stumbled over something standing in the way and bumped my head hard against the wall. As warm blood started flowing down my face, the wicked monkey started laughing. Probably it was the monkey standing in my way. I searched around but my baby was nowhere. With the continuous laughter of the square monkey, my phone started ringing. It was my husband and there was a text saying open the door. I felt a bit relieved as well as terrified for my husband, as in the dark I could see the monkey walking towards the door. I did not know what that evil monkey did to my baby but I was determined not to let it harm my husband. I picked up a heavy hammer and as I followed the monkey through the hall; it jumped on me and started pulling my hair. I searched around and luckily pushed the turn-of button of the monkey. The door quickly opened and my husband broke the evil monkey. Later we found our son dumped in the delivery package, luckily alive.

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